thermal safety

Why thermal safety?

If you notice a decrease in the flow of hot water and it ends up becoming cold, this could be for several reasons which are explained in this article. We will see here in detail the case where the thermal safety is triggered and the water heater has gone into safe mode.

To avoid major damage to the water heater when it has a problem, in the event of overheating for example, the water heater automatically shuts down. Before restarting it, it is therefore essential to reset the thermal safety device. This is located at the thermostat.

For this operation, you will simply need a Phillips screwdriver and an electrician’s screwdriver (insulated to avoid electrocution). To work without taking any risks, you will also have to cut off the electricity in your home at the electrical panel.

Reset a thermal safety device!

The steps to reset the thermal safety of an electric water heater are as follows: As we told you above, the thermal safety of a water heater is at the level of the thermostat. If you have trouble locating the latter, you can refer to the instructions for your water heater.

Using your Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that support the protective cover of the cumulus. Remove the cover and screws and put them in a safe place so you don’t lose anything. This way, you will have the opportunity to easily access the thermostat.

The latter is fixed to a plate with bolts. On the thermostat, you will see several notches. Look closely to check if you see the word “security” or even “safety” written on one of the notches. On some water heaters, you will find the inscription “bipolar safety”.

Otherwise, there will be a symbol on the notch. Normally, when everything is working properly and the security is armed, the button is pressed. If it isn’t, do it. To do this, insert your electrician’s screwdriver into the notch to put the safety back on.

To check that everything is working perfectly, you are not going to put the cover back in place right away. You will have to put the water heater on “forced operation” for a few hours. To protect yourself from any danger, do not touch the electrical wires of the water heater while it is energized.

If you find that everything is working properly again, turn off the power, replace the cover and put your water heater back in “normal” mode. If the water heater safety trips again, there is a problem with the water heater that must be corrected.

For this, do not hesitate to call on the plumber of Fécamp Services, who can intervene in Paris and its close suburbs.

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